Watch the presidential debate with us! Now!

TONIGHT, 20h at the Representation of the German-speaking Community of Belgium, Rue Jacques Jordaens 34, 1000 Bruxelles

Watch the debate between all the top candidates for the European Commission’s presidency tonight together with Jusos, SPD, SPÖ, PS (France)

European Elections – how can I vote?

European_flag_in_Karlskrona_2011On 25 May, Europe will elect a new European Parliament, the main body towards which the European Union is accountable. With the time, the European Parliament has acquired more and more competences, which is why these elections are important. Together with its European partners from the Party of European Socialists, the SPD is heading towards these elections with its main candidate Martin Schulz. The current president of the European Parliament is running to replace José Manuel Barroso as the head of the European Commission – in order to mark a progressive and social-democratic change in the EU’s policies.

Every EU citizen can vote for this election in his country of residence!

How is this possible if you are an EU citizen living in Belgium? The reply is to be found on the website of the ministry of the interior.

You have to fill out and print a document asking for the right to vote in your place of residence, and submit it to your town hall. This has to be done before 28 February 2014.

In order to vote, you have to:

  1. Be a citizen of Belgium or of one of the other 27 EU member states: Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic,
    Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia,
    Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia,

    Slovenia, Spain, Sweden or the United Kingdom

  2. You have to be registered at the population register of your city before 1 March 2014
  3. You have to be at least 18 years old at election day
  4. You have to be entitled to vote, i.e. not have any criminal conviction against you that could strip you this right. Also, you must be entitled to vote in your home country
  5. You need to be registered on the electoral list of your city, by having filled and handed in the form (above) before 28 February 2014. This list is for the European elections only. If you have previously subscribed to the 2012 municipal elections, you are not automatically part of this list. You still have to hand in your subscription.

Note that once you are subscribed to the election list, you will have the same obligations as Belgian citizens, that means that voting is mandatory. You can be fined for not voting.

Please do take this opportunity to vote! The future of Europe is in your hands.

17. Dezember: Weihnachtsfeier / Christmas Party

we are happy to invite you to our annual Christmas gathering on Tuesday 17 December 2013 at 20:00 in the office of the German Trade Unions „DGB“, Avenue de Tervuren 15, B-1040 Brussels (
We will start with an open executive board meeting of the JUSOS at 18:30 to discuss our activities for next year, including board elections in early 2014. As usual, this is a board meeting that is open to all JUSOS who are or would like to get actively engaged.
Afterwards, from 20h00 onwards, we will have drinks and snacks that will give us the opportunity for informal chats between different national groups of active Young Socialists in Brussels. We are looking forward to meeting you! Feel free to forward the invitation to others that might be interested in joining us!
Please confirm your participation until 10 December to

20. June 2013: Sommergrillen / Summer BBQ!!


Liebe JUSOS und Sympathisanten, (English below)

Wir möchten Euch, wie jedes Jahr, am Donnerstag, den 20. Juni ab 19h00 zum JUSO Sommergrillen in das Brüsseler Verbindungsbüro des DGBs (Avenue de Tervueren 15, 1040 BXL) einladen.

Außerdem möchten wir die Gelegenheit nutzen, um den neuen Juso Vorstand vorzustellen und einen kurzen Rück- und Ausblick auf die Arbeit der Jusos Brüssel zu geben.

Wie immer würden wir uns besonders freuen, wenn viele andere europäische und internationale Jungsozialisten mit uns den Abend verbringen würden. Wir laden Euch deshalb herzlich ein, diese Einladung an andere Interessierte weiterzuleiten!

Bratwürste, Grillfleisch und die gängigen Getränke werden vom SPD Ortsvereine gestiftet.

Bitte meldet Euch kurz bei mir ( an und nennt Euren Namen und Organisation/Partei. Bei Sonderwünschen (Vegetarier?) bitte früh genug Bescheid geben oder einfach selber etwas mitbringen. Wir freuen uns auf Euer Erscheinen.

Mit solidarischen GrüßenAndrea, Malte Moritz, Heike, Tara, Özlem, Philippe, Mischa und Franziska(Erweiterter) Jusos Vorstand Brüssel


Dear young Socialists and sympathizers,

As every year, we would like to use the occasion to invite you to the JUSO summer BBQ grill party on Thursday 20. June at 19h00 to the Brussels Liaison Office of the DGB (Avenue de Tervueren 15, 1040 BXL).

We would also like to take this opportunity to introduce our new board members and to give you an overview of our past and upcoming activities. As always we would appreciate if many other young European and International Socialists would join us this evening. Please feel free to forward the invitation to other young social democrats and socialists.

Steaks, brats and drinks will be sponsored by the local SPD branch.

To confirm your attendance please send an email (with name and organisation/party) to Franzi ( so we can plan better and let us know in advance should you have any special requests (vegetarian?) or feel free to bring something yourself. We look forward to seeing you!

In solidarity,

Andrea, Malte Moritz, Heike, Tara, Özlem, Philippe, Mischa und Franziska

JUSO board Brussels

Federal elections 2013: we need your voice!

JUSOS Brussels: The Future of Germany within Europe

Germany is holding parliamentary elections in September 2013.In dealing with the financial and economic crisis in Europe, Angela Merkel’s conservative government has made decisions that led to painful austerity measures in several European countries. The survival of the euro is being questioned, financial market regulations remain incomplete and Europe is still in the midst of the crisis.Therefore, we have to overcome political divides within Germany and across Europe that have the potential of threatening the cohesion of the EU and the very core of our democratic systems.

We, as JUSOS Brussels would like to ask you, as Germany’s neighbours: What do you expect from the next German government in order to tackle the social, financial and economic challenges that we are currently facing in Europe?

Please click on the link and fill out our Google Survey with your suggestion for the electoral campaign in Germany!

JUSOS Brussels: The Future of Germany within Europe