‚Eurobonds need to be created. There is no EU without solidarity.‘

Realistic Eurobonds need to be created. Without this, austerity will continue, and our collective future looks bleak. The ECB should be allowed to create these bonds. Germans worry it will mean ‚bailing out‘ other countries. But this should not be the case if the ECB were allowed to issue individual countries relief bonds based on strict agreements. If a country does not agree, they don’t get relief. There is no EU without solidarty and burden sharing. PIIGS are suffering to protect the very German and French banks who were part of the crisis. The narrative that they are not part of the problem must change, because whether they like it or not, they are.

– Simon, Ireland

We asked you what you expected from the next German government for Europe. This is one of the answers. We publish these answers regularily until the federal elections on 22 September 2013


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